CBD Oil at the Oscars?

Melissa McCarthy may have found a new way to stave off shoe-induced foot pain, and it is super popular right now. According to the E! Live From The Red Carpet special correspondents, Melissa slathered CBD oil on her toes before she got to the Oscars. Details were not given; however, it is safe to say that she did it to help prevent foot pain. Because, as all of the ladies know… high heels hurt!
She’s not the only actress who tried this trick. Several stylists stocked their Oscars kits with CBD oil and lotion to rub on their clients’ feet before they put on their red carpet heels.

Remember, all of the research on CBD and its relation to pain relief is pretty new and conclusions on the compound have not been made. However, it has shown promising results in studies for pain management according to integrative health expert, Taz Bhatia, MD. So, can CBD oil really help prevent foot pain? Maybe…

Original Article appeared online in Women’s Health

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